Welcome to Holistic Flame



Due to the current pandemic
We will not be be reopening until
further notice
Details to be provided in due course

call 07851 517616

Holistic Flame founded on June 2005.

Holistic Flame offering alternative therapies, readings, healing and a range of therapies as well as help and advice for people where you would feel welcome and relaxed.

The founder of Holistic Flame has suffered with her health over the years and when possible seeked more natural remedies also found that Spiritual healing has helped her along with so many other people.

Holistic Flame has a lovely team of healers at the centre, there was only a small team of us when we first opened, now there are more of us, so we have more time with the people who come on a Wednesday afternoon.

You are always welcome to just pop in for a cuppa and a chat, Children are also welcome.

We have two very good Mediums, Val who has been with us since 2012 and Donna joined us in 2010.

Cheryl is our therapist.

We also offer Hot Stones and Hot Bamboo Sticks, £20 for 30 minutes.

We have found the power of Crystals with their natural healing properties have helped us and others, we have learn a lot about crystals, and now in our centre. We occasionally sell crystals and many other things like Essential oils, relaxing music.